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Make Quilted Mardi Gras Mask
                                 Wall Hangings

My Dance Club is holding a Mardi Gras Ball in February and I regard this as a perfect opportunity to make some Mask Decorations. I am planning to make four of them somewhere around 5 of 6 feet long. I am thinking of using one basic design and with different colours and textures.

Sketches for Mardi Gras Mask

Now that I've started sketching a few ideas, I realize that I will be happier if I choose to make up 3 different designs. My mind is going full time about the fabrics and textures that I want to use.

Do I want it to be a shiny Las Vegas kind of look, using sequins and lots of bling or do I want something a little more antique looking using brocades and textures. I am landing in the middle and will work to integrate both. I will be interesting to see which choice wins out in the over all look.

The next question that comes up in my mind is about how much 3 dimensional quality I want. I started thinking of staying strictly 2 dimensionally, then maybe I should go for a 3 dimensional nose piece. The next step was thinking about going all the way, doing the whole mask 3 dimensionally. I've stepped back. I really do want the 2 dimensional look. I will confine any three dimensional quality to a build up of textures and fabrics. As I say this, I am starting to have a bunch more ideas.

The quick sketches I've done have helped me to realize that it will be difficult to confine myself to 3 designs.

Suitcases for Fabric Storage

I've decided that I am going to stay within the Purples/ Greens and Golds of the traditional Mardi Gras Colours so I pulled out all the brightly coloured fabrics I have in those colours. There is not enough of any one piece but there is enough for accent pieces. I wonder if they will actually turn out that way

I stopped in at the fabric store to see what kinds of things are available right now and there is lots for me to play with, so I will be having fun.

I'm still playing with ideas in my mind. What kind of embellishments am I going to use.

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Quilted Mardi Gras Cat Mask Quilted Mardi Gras Fantasy Mask



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