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Beaded Top Over dyed Roses Sweater Over dyed Skirt Over dyed Skirt

Over Dye Roses Sweater

I've always liked this sweater, but the roses became slightly stained the first time I washed it. It was one of the ones that really needed to be drycleaned. The roses were an icky light beige colour instead of the white they were intended to be.

Over dyeing is one of those process that is not evenly vaguely precise. There is no predicting how the fabric will take the dye. It is mostly intuition. For instance in this case it was fairly safe because all the colours in the sweater were shades of white, grey and black so they would not influence the final shades, other that to make them lighter and darker.

For instance if you dye something green, red will become very muted because they are complementary (opposite) on the colour wheel.

Picture of Original Roses Sweater

This is a hand knit sweater from the 80's. The black cotton bled when it was washed (it said hand washable on the label) so that the white accents in the roses patterns were a kind of brownish colour.

I've always wanted to see what it would look like if I dyed it a reddish colour. I always like colour.

Over Dyed Roses Sweater

I mixed a package of Purple Tintex Dye with a package of Scarlet Tintex Dye. I wanted a colour similar to Burgundy. The combination came out a Brownish Burgundy Colour.


Dyeing is a big event for me so I usually try and add a few things to the dye bath while the mess is made. In this case I thought that I might want the sweater to come out lighter than it would with all the dye so I threw in an old undershirt first. It came out a shade slightly more purple than the sweater did.

This has turned into one of may favorite t shirts for hanging around home with some comfortable plaid flannalette pants.

Dyed Cotton for Crochet

I also added 2 skeins of Crochet Cotton. One fully dipped in the dye bath. The other one I dipped one end until it was medium dark and then threw the whole thing in to create a variegated crochet cotton, light colours mixed with dark colours. I think that it will make some interesting Crochet Roses.



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