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Beaded Top Over dyed Roses Sweater Over dyed Skirt Over dyed Skirt

Use Beading to Mend a Hole

Up cycling is usually associated with a complete re-design of a garment. The real concept is about reducing the amount of goods going into our land fill sites. Part of this process is about getting more use out of the clothing that we have.

Mend a Hole in My Favorite Top

One of my favourite tops developed a hole right in the front and I am just not ready to let the top go. An invisible mend is impossible. The fabric is light weight and a solid color so there is no way to hide anything.

I had to go for the "Make it Bold and Decorative". My goal was to add decoration and make it look as if it was meant to be there. The fringe benefit will be that I have a unique top instead of an off the rack version.

I started by pinning a piece of black fabric to the back over the hole. Then I just started beading, using some subtly coloured beads. I want the beading to stand out without being over the top.

Beaded Bug Detail

My original idea was to do a star burst shape but it turned out to look a little like a cute funky bug. I kind of liked it so, there it is. I added two more, strategically placed bugs to make it look as if the whole piece was supposed to be beaded, but they stood out a little too much. I added more beading around the neck for visual balance. There was already some black sequins, so I threaded up through each sequin, added three beads and then sewed back down through the same hole.

Beads and Sequins

The original hole is completely hidden by the beaded bug

I was happy. The top has definitely more Bling than it originally had, but as I usually wear it out dancing that is not a problem.



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