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Here is a list of links to the steps for making wide bias tape.

Make Wide Bias Tape from Scratch

Cutting Fabric into Strips
to make Wide Bias Tape

A general rule that I use, when determining the width of fabric to cut, is "the width of the bias tape I want" X4, plus an extra bit. The size of the bit varies according to the thickness of fabric, you are using for the bias tape and the thickness of the fabric that you are trimming. The thicker the fabrics the wider the extra bit.

If I use a vinyl fabric it can be a narrower strip because the fabric does not fray and does not need the edge folded under on the back. I don't have a serger but is seems to me that it would be possible to serge the back side edge, then you would not need to turn it under.

Fold Fabric on 45 Degree Angle

Step I- Angle Fabric

The easiest way to start the bias tape angles is by folding the fabric from one corner and matching one selvedge and the bottom.

Use 45 Degree Angle and Straight Edge

Sometimes when I use a piece of fabric that is not square, I use an large 45 degree angle and a straight edge.

My straight edge is a flat piece of aluminium 2 1/2 wide and 6 feet long. I got it by accident one day.

Somehow I was in a warehouse and saw the flat aluminium and said I want that. It wasn't expensive. I'm not sure because I've had mine a long time.

I find this length long enough to be useful and short enough to be managable. If it were too long it would be hard to store and bump into things when you tried to use it.

Step II- Cut Strips for Bias Tape

Measure the width of the bias tape strips that you have decided and start cutting. I use my long straight edge to mark them. I use a pencil, a felt tip marker or a light coloured pencil crayon for drawing on the fabric. It depends on which shows up the best. Because it is on a cutting edge the marks will never show on the finished piece.



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