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Make wide Bias Tape from Scratch

How to Choose Your Fabric for Bias Tape

Bias Tape or Bias Binding is a method of finishing flat surfaces with a band of fabric. You can use your choice any fabric complementary to your project, whether it be a silk satin fabric or flannelette.

The best thing about it is that it can be used to finish both straight and curved edges. It is one of my favourite ways of finishing quilted projects. If you are interested you can see one at February 2011.

The first choice you need to make is the width of trim that you want to make. The narrower the seam allowance the narrower the Bias Tape. Narrow trim is better for tight curves and corners. It might take a little experience to figure out what works best. I believe that there are tools which make bias tape for the narrower widths.

Myself I often am doing fabric art banners and hangings and I usually want to use non standard wider sizes of bias tape for more visual impact.

The second choice you need to make is the fabric that you wish to use. The fabric needs to be appropriate to the project. Sometimes I've chosen a fabric, because of color, that is too thin and unstable for the project. In that case I've used more than one layer of the fabric and a backing to build up the fabric and get a solid feeling edge. If you are using a lighter weight fabric you need to use a color that available in the fabric weight available.

A general rule that I use, when deciding the width of fabric to cut, is "the width of the bias tape I want" X4, plus an extra bit. The size of the bit varies according to the thickness of fabric, you are using for the bias tape and the thickness of the fabric that you are trimming. The thicker the fabrics the wider the extra bit.

If I use a vinyl fabric it can be a narrower stripe because the fabric does not fray and does not need the edge folded under.



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