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Hand Stitches for Embroidery

French Knots

French Knots are the perfect stitch for small dots such as eyes, the centres of flowers or small flowers such as forget-me-nots. I have also used them to build up areas of heavy texture.

My research has proved interesting. My mother taught me to do French Knots by wrapping the thread around the needle three or four times and this is the method I will show.

One source I looked at said that you should only wrap the thread around the needle once and that if you want larger knots you should use more thread in the needle. They believed that more wrappings created sloppy knots.

Another source said that you should wrap the thread around the needle twice with no mention of other choices.

This is one of those stitches where taking the time for experimentation & practise is valuable.

French Knot Stitch

This is a two handed stich, so you need to place the embroidery frame on a table after you have brought the thread up.

Bring the thread up from the back at the desired location for the knot and wrap the thread around the needle. This time I have wrapped the thread around the needle four times.

I have in some projects wrapped the thread around the needle as many as seven or eight times if I am desiring more texture.

French Knot Stitch

Gently slide the loops smoothly down the needle and insert the needle imediately beside the start of the knot but not through the same hole.

I've decided to show you the different effects created by doing it different ways.

Finished French Knots

They all look very different. I think that I like the example with two wraps best. It still has the button shape without being clunky. They all have their uses. It would depend upon the effect that you want.



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