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Make Tissue Paper Roses

I learned to make these Roses back when I was a teenager, I won't say how long ago. We make them out of rainbow coloured tissue paper and sold them at a church fundraising tea.

These Tissue Paper Roses are easy and in-expensive to make and can be made up in any desired colour scheme. They are perfect for party decorations and center pieces. The are not great if you wish them to last a long time and are exposed to sunlight. The sun will fade them quickly.

Tissue Paper Roses


I purchased all of the materials for this project from the nearest Dollar Store.

Cut Tissue Paper

Start with one sheet of tissue paper and start folding is until it is about 5 x 6 1/2 inches in size. Cut one end (about 1/4) into a point, and cut all fold lines so that you have a pile of little papers.

Bend one end of the Stem Wire, about 1 1/2 inches and twist it into a loop, to provide a base for the petals.

Wrap Tissue Paper Around a Pencil

Wrap one corner of the tissue paper loosely around a pencil.

Make sure that it is not too tight, or the paper will rip when you bunch it up.

Bunch Paper up

Bunch the tissue paper up, by sliding the ends of the paper towards the middle along the pencil.

Slide the pencil out and repeat with the other corner.

Repeat until all the tissue paper sheets have been bunched into petals.

Tie Petals

Wrap the pointed ends of the tissue paper around the end of the wire with the loop in it, one at a time, holding them with your fingers.

Look at the rose as you make it, so that you are adding in the places that keep the flower round.

I find I like to over lap the centre of the new petal with the edges of the lower layer.

Wrap Stem with Floral Tape

After all the petals are on tie them on by wrapping ribbon around the base of the petals. If you use too thin a string, it will cut the paper.

Wrap the base of the petals and the stem with floral tape to finish.

A Finished Lavender Tissue Paper Rose

A finished Lavender Tissue Paper Rose.

Four Tissue Paper Roses made into a Center Piece

I used four Roses, mixed with some Curling Ribbon to make Center Pieces.

More Paper Roses





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