Paper Flowers

Make Tissue Paper Roses

These are a quick and simple tissue paper rose to make. I did 60 of them in an afternoon with no problem. They don't have the detail that my other roses have but they are much faster to make and are still very pretty in a different way.

Gold Tissue Paper Roses

I've chosen a gold tissue paper, but of course you may make them in any colour you wish. I made these for table centre pieces for a dance which had a cream and gold colour theme.

I cut 6 circles of tissue paper for each flower.

Golden Tissue Paper Circles

Using a 9" lunch plate as a template, I drew the circle on the bottom layer of tissue paper in the package and then cut through the whole package at once. I got 4 or 5 flowers out of each package, depending on how careful I was to lay them out.

I did iron these tissue paper circles for the picture and it did not work well. It was not successful. They did not remain flat and the ironing reduced the sheen of the tissue paper. It is not necessary for the roses to look good. I did not do it for the centre pieces.

Indent Tissue Paper in Centre

Stack the 6 circles and indent them in the middle using a finger.

Staple in Place

From the back, wrap the point of fabric around a pipe cleaner and hold in place with a staple. It takes a bit of practice to get it right. Sometimes after the staple is in place, I fold it in half. This seems to hold better.

Spread Sheets of Paper Apart

Spread sheets of paper apart to form graceful waves. I have left the stem plain white in this case. I find the green pipe cleaners to be too bright a shade of green. If you want a green stem, the best is to wrap it with florist's tape.

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