How to Make a Knitted Hat with a Pom Pom

This if an easy knit hat, knitted with circular needles or four needles. The knitted hat pattern includes instructions for making pom poms.

This hat is knitted with a mixture of yarn left over from many projects. The fun is in combining the colours and textures to create a unique hat. It is virtually impossible for two people to create the same hat. No two have the same colours and the variations in yarn weight creates interest and is not a problem as long as the differences are not too extreme. I do not recommend mixing fibres. Wool will shrink and synthetic don't, so that washing will ruin a piece that mixes them.

Knitted Hat with Pom Pom

To Knit Hat with yarns close to a Knitted Worsted Weight.

Cast on 128 stitches, on a circular needle or spread over 3 needles.

Edge Band
Knit 2, Purl 2, to the end of the row.
Repeat until the band is 2 inches wide,

Hat Body
Knit for 6 inches, changing colours to achieve the effect, you want.

Thread the stitch loops on to a heavy yarn and tie tightly, gathering the stitches at the top of the knitted hat.

Wrap yarn around cardboard.

To Make a Pom Pom,
cut 2 pieces of cardboard in concentric circles. The size of the Pom Pom is determined by the width of the cardboard rather than the outside size of the large circle.

Wrap your yarn around the cardboard pieces, the more times you wrap the yarn the fuller the Pom Pom.

Cut the yarn along the outside edge between the pieces of cardboard.

Tie Between Cardboard Circles

Using a generous amount of yarn, draw it between the layers of cardboard and tie the Pom Pom tightly. Gently remove the cardboard circles.

Trim the ends of any yarn that is uneven to make the Pom Pom round.

Use the long ends from tying the center to attach the Pom Pom to the hat.



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