My List of the Best and Most Original Websites for Crochet Flowers

Delightful minature Crochet Flowers, perfect for adding a pin back.

365 Crochet Flowers, the Philedelphia Lilly is my favourite.

Light up your life with a Crochet Sunflower

This is a more stylized Crochet Sunflower but still charming.

Crochet Hydrangia the site is not in English but it is worth it just to see the picture.

A wall full of flowers

TheseCrochet Flowers are for all of you who love bright cheerful colour. I know I do.

The Crochet Daisy is my favourite in this grouping of flowers. It captures the airy brightness I love so much in daisies.

Beautiful Crochet Flower Garland in peach and green.

These Crochet Swirls are not technically a crochet flower but are a lovely accent.

These Crochet Flower Coasters are perfect spots of colour in your home.

This Carline Thistle Crochet Flower shows that you can find inspiration for the most lovely crochet flowers everywhere.

Crochet Flower Patterns

There are so many different types of crochet flowers and just as many ways to use them, for jewelry, accessories, fashion details and in your home.

They are a good project for beginners to gain experience. They are small enough to be easy to finish and yet there is opportunity to try many techinques.Tension does not need to be perfect. It does not matter if they turn out a little larger or smaller than the pattern indicates.

I use the British names for the stitches. Conversions are found at
Convert British Stitch Names to American Stitch Names

Click Images below for more & larger pictures with complete instructions for all the projects.

Crochet Roses

Pink Crochet Roses Small Crochet Flower Detail Crochet Hat with Rose Pattern White Crochet Rose Pattern

Crochet Flowers

Crochet Poppy Pattern Pink Crochet Carnation Pattern Bachelor Button Pattern

Crochet leaves

Crochet Leaf Pattern


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