The Best Websites for Minature Crochet Flowers

This is a blog worth exploring. I has some wonderful Teeny Tiny Crochet Flowers.

Little Five Petal Flowers to brighten your day.

Crochet Zinnia, a little flower to have fun with colour.

This Crochet Flower belongs close to your heart.

There are lots of crochet flowers on this page, it is worth scrolling down to see the Purple Crochet Flower. It is delicious.

Drops Design is a great site for all kinds of crocher flowers as well as other crochet patterns in several lanuages.

This Crochet Flower Pattern is an interesting patterning in it's design. It shows a couple of variations to get the hang of working with it.

Lion Brand has a huge site for crochet patterns of all types. These felted crochet flowers are particularly worth having a look at.

Crochet Flowers

Bachelor Button Pin Pattern

This is a cute little crochet bachelor button perfect for children's headbands or in groups on a lapel. These ones are constructed attached to a small safety pin.

I use the British names for the stitches. Conversions are found at
Convert British Stitch Names to American Stitch Names

Bachelor Button

Bachelor Button

Work 6ch. Join into a circle with ss into first ch.

Ist. Round

2ch,(1dc,1ch) 8 times into loop, ss into first 2ch to close

2nd. Round

3ch, (1dc, 1ch) 2 times into first space, (1dc, 1ch) 3 times into each of the remaining spaces, ss into first 3ch to close.

3rd. Round

4ch, (1dc, 4ch) 2 times into each space created by the 1ch in the previous round, 4ch, ss into (this is where it gets trickey) the first dc in the round. Look for the spot which best finishes the row rather than a specific stitch.

Bachelor Button Pin


I wrapped the full six strands of embroidery thread around a pin and a pencil, 10 or 12 times depending how large you want the centre to be. Tie it off with a 10" piece of the crochet cotton.  

To Finish

Pull the centre through the hole in the crochet part of the bachelor button and then cut loops to make a fringe. Use the long ends of the crochet cotton to stitch the safty pin to the crochet part of the bachelor button.

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