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Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Paper Braid with Christmas wrapping Paper

This is another one of those projects that I used to make when I was a kid. We didn't make them for Christmas Decorations. We used to make long braids with Juciy Fruit Gum Wrappers.

Paper Braid, Christmas Tree Decorations

I rememer one kid make one 20 feet long. That was a lot of gum wrappers.

I've used metalic wrapping paper combined with a print to achieve the same effect that we used to get with the gum wrappers. Be careful to use a heavy weight paper to balance the weight of the metallic paper. A thin paper won't be strong enough.

Cut a whole pile of rectangles

Start by cutting a whole pile of rectangels 3" wide by 6 1/2 " long. I've used Green for my metalic colour but you could easily use gold, silver, red or even purple metalic paper instead.

Make the first fold by folding your first piece of paper in half lengthwise and then folding each side by bringing the edge of the paper to the first fold line.

Fold up the paper

Next fold it in half again, this time accross so that the two short ends are together. Fold it again by bringing the two short ends to the center fold.

Fold all your pieces of paper the same way.

Thread the Pieces together

Thread one of the metalic pieces through one of the patterned pieces.

Next thread one of the patterend pieces through the metalic one you just added.

Thread the Pieces together

Keep adding pieces in the same manner alternating the metalic and patterned to get a pronounced zig zag effect.

Make the braid as long as you wish, or until you run out of paper. Have fun mixing up paper to get the effect you want.


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