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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Diamond Squares

I started playing with my computer and the concept of a six point star with rounded sides. I cut it out of the purple Fun Foam and made a 1 inch cut towards the center. I wasn't coming up with anything to do with it, so I forgot about it for the day.

The next day I was walking around at our local Mall when it all popped into my mind, so hear it is.

Finished Ornament

Craft Supplies:


Draw Patterns on Graph Paper

The purple shapes are the outside line of the star shape. The orange shapes are cut with the outside line of the inside circles.


Attach Beads to Ends of Fun Foam Pieces

I wanted to layer colors and shapes from the center point holding it with a bead. I cut the small center circle 1 inch in diameter and then cut towards the center, once on the 45 degree angles with 2 cuts between.

I wanted middle size of shape half way between, so I got on the computer and rotated a circle at 60 around the center. I made 1/2 inch cuts toward the center of the flower shape.

Finished Pink Side

The next step was to thread the layers together.

I started from the center of the ornament. First I threaded the purple star, then a 1 1/8 inch drapery ring, the orange flower, the yellow center and then the bead to hold them in place. then I threaded back down through the pieces to the middle of the ornament.

Using the same thread I added the other side in the same order.

When they were all threaded I adjusted the center thread until the two purple pieces were tight together and tied a knot at the center and another one at the ends to use it as the hanger.


Finished Pink Side

I want to create a 3 dimensional effect by adding beads at the tip of each star point I again started from the center of bead string. First through 2 beads then through the purple Fun Foam through the green bead then back through the Fun Foam and the 2 beads that I started with.

For the second side, using the same thread, I added 3 more beads through the purple Fun Foam on the other side, another green bead and then back down through Fun Foam and the 3 beads.

Cinch the thread up tight and knot the ends of the threads to finish the star point. Repeat for each star point.


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