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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Diamond Squares

I was in a mood to just be working without much thought, so I did not stop to take as many pictures of this one. It is pretty simple though. There should be no problem. Most of the fun of these ornaments, is the process of trying different things with the ornaments evolving as I work.

Draw Patterns on Graph Paper

Craft Supplies:

I encourage everyone to use these ideas a starting point and just start playing with shapes, colors and beads. I was in a little bit of an odd mood when I was playing with this one. You can use any colour scheme you wish.

Step I

I started by cutting a series of squares:

Attach Beads to Ends of Fun Foam Pieces

This is the fun place, just playing with color, laying out different combinations of squares, and throwing in some yarn colors and beads just to see how the ornament develops

I always want to do 10 of each ornament with different colors and beads.

Step II

Stitch beads in the center of each small square.

Step III

I stitched the small squares at a 45 degree angle to the medium size squares using a contrasting tapestry yarn color. If I am stitching from the back, I stitch down from the top and then stitch from the back up through the hole that I made.

Step IV

Next stitch the medium squares to the largest squares.

Step V

Stitch the two large pieces together with a contrasting yarn color.

Step V

To finish I stitched the front and back together using yet again, another color of yarn.

Step VI

The last step is to add the yarn and beads for hanging the Christmas Tree Ornament and add some finishing beads from each of the corners.


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