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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beaded Christmas Pendulum

This is one of the ornaments that I enjoyed looking at the most this past Christmas. There was something very gracefull about it.

Attach Bead Strings

Craft Supplies:


Draw Pattern Pieces

Start with the shape. I drew half a shape on a piece of graph paper and folded it to finish the shape. As you can see from the picture, I tried a couple of things before I was satisfied with the shape and was ready to cut.

If you wish you can copy the shape by counting the squares and sketching the lines in the same place. You can shrink or enlarge the ornament to suite your taste by adjusting the size of the grid that you draw on.

Cut Fun Foam Pieces

I used my paper pattern to trace the image on the fun foam. I chose to make each side a different color. Then I cut the pieces out.


Mark Pieces for Stitching

I used brightly colored tapestry wool to stitch the kite shaped pieces. If I am stitching from the back, I make a hole in the location that I want on the front and then stitch up through the existing hole from the back.

I added beads by coming up through the back, through the bead and then back down the same hole.

I repeated the beading on both sides in different contrasting colors.

I didn't like the red beads on the purple so that I redid them and added more colors.

Attach Hanging Loop

I stitched the front and back together using a bright tapestry yarn.

I then added beads to dangle from the bottom using nylon thread because some of the beads are quite small.

I also used nylon thread for the beads on the top looping the thread around the pink tapestry yarn hanger.

I decided that it was a little dull so I added more beads to the lavender side.

It is fun to let each ornament evolve according to my mood.


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