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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beaded Christmas Minaret

This ornament was fun, I was thinking about some of the Church Roof lines that you see in old Russian or Middle Eastern Architecture. I was looking for beads that were metallic or pearly finishes in dark reds or copper/bronze colors.

Finished Decoration

Craft Supplies:

I love just getting out a bunch of beads and start laying them out in lines, mixing all different sizes, shapes and colors. I let the beads just have a life of their own.

Layout Bead Strings

Start playing with your beads and layout the beads for the Six strings of hanging beads.

I've arranged mine so that the center strings are longer tapering to shorter strings on the outside edges.

You can make the strings as long or as short as you like. Longer is more elegant.

I like mixing different sizes, shapes and colors.

I looked at a few pictures of roof lines on the internet, just so that I would have an idea where I wanted to go with my sketch.

Draw Pattern Pieces

I started drawing half a shape on a piece of graph paper and folded it to finish the shape. If you wish you can copy the shape by counting the squares and sketching the lines in the same place. You can shrink or enlarge the ornament to suite your taste.

Cut 2 pieces of craft foam the size of the roof pattern.

Decorative Beading

I'm mixing small decorative pieces of Fun Foam with beads.

I think that if I was to redo this ornament I would use more ornate metallic beads for the decorations on the roof shape.

You can see on the picture the way the needle comes up from the back through the fun foam layers, through the bead and then back down through the same hole

Mark Pieces for Stitching

Here you can see both sides of the ornament. On this one I've chosen to make both sides the same, although this is not necessary.

I wasn't really rigid placing the beads, I just kind of eye-balled their location.

It can help to mark the stitches before you sew them. I use a wooden skewer from the kitchen.

Attach Bead Strings

It worked out, by luck, that I had eleven stitches along the bottom, making it easy to hang a string a string of beads from every second stitch.

If it doesn't work out that way then hang the bead strings as evenly as possible along the bottom of the little roof line.

You can see that I have stitched through one stitch, then back down through one or two of the beads. At this point I tie it off between the beads. If I think the knot might slip I use a touch of glue to hold the knot.

Attach Hanging Loop

Thread the center beads, then through a few beads and through the Fun Foam, then matching 3 smaller beads and back up through the center beads.

Finish by tying thread ends to a cheerful tapestry wool loop for hanging.


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