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Make Craft Foam
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Chandelier with Beads

This one of the ornaments that is dependant on the rigid yet flexible quality of fun/ craft foam. It is really quite amazing to have a material that is so easy to work with.

Attach Hanging Loop

Craft Supplies:


Cut Fun Foam Pieces

Cut 4 pieces of Fun Foam:

Yellow- 1 in. wide by 11 1/2 in. long
Red- 1 in. wide by 11 inches long
Yellow- 1 in. wide by 9 inches long
Red- 1 in. wide by 7 inches long

To get the best straight edge I place a metal edged rule along the line I wish to cut and then cut the Fun Foam with a utility knife.

Be sure to cut on a safe surface. I use cardbox from a cereal box if I have nothing better or you can use a Cutting Mat

How to Bead

On the center line of the longest yellow piece, starting 1/2 inch from the end mark every 1/2 inch It works out to 22 holes.

I've shown this with 2 different colors of beads. The first version I used orange beads on the yellow.

I decided that I didn't like it much so this time I've chosen colors with more contrast. I have rebeaded it coming up from with back through a Triangle Bead through a 6 mm faceted bead and back down through the triangle bead and the Fun Foam.

Attach Hanging Loop

First bead the center piece, then start the assembly.


Attach Hanging Loop

I threaded on end of the yarn, threaded 2 pony beads, then the third heart shaped bead then back up through the 2 pony beads.

I threaded both ends of the yarn through the needle and sewed up through the smallest red Fun Foam pieces in the holes 1/2 inch from the ends.

Next I added the shortest yellow piece using holes 1/2 inch from each end.

Attach Hanging Loop

Next I sewed up through the longest red piece using holes 1/2" from each end.

Finally I sewed up through the beaded yellow piece.

I added 3 pony beads and tied off the end for hanging.

Attach Hanging Loop

Here is the original version of the ornament with orange beads. It is a little dull so I rebeaded with the beads in the picture at the top. I just like more colour and contrast.


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