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Make Craft Foam
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Chandelier with Beads

This is a fun ornament, dripping with beads. It works very well because of the stiffness of the fun/craft foam. I would like to think of a more elegant material for the dome shape. I think that it would work with silk or satin that has a stiff interfacing fabric as an underlay. Of course crystal or glass beads would dress it up enormously

Finished Ornament

Craft Supplies:

I knew as soon as I started this ornament that it is one that is going to be over the top, the more beads the better. I don't think that it is possible to have too many on this one.

This ornament is one I would like to see in metallic or pearl finished beads. If I was to redo it I would also use a greater range of smaller bead sizes, more like I did with the Carousel.

This ornament is constructed in two sections.

Draw Patterns on Graph Paper

Step I
The First Section

Here is the graph pattern; you can use to draw the pattern pieces


Attach Beads to Ends of Fun Foam Pieces

Step II

I cut the pieces out of Fun Foam using 2 colors, pink and lavender.


Finished Pink Side

Step III

The stitching is done as a figure 8. This means that the stitches need to be balanced, so that I pre-marked all the stitch locations.

First the top hole which I used for both sides, then the other end, next comes the middle hole.

Then I placed 3 more holes equidistant between the middle and each of the ends.

Next I stitched through the holes in a figure eight pattern, stitching the end holes twice to make the seam more stable.

Finished Pink Side

Step IV

Coming from the first hole at the top of each section I added a string of beads with a loop.

This is a good place to use accent beads.

Finished Pink Side

Step V

With the swags around the edge you are going to need to play around a bit to get them the right length for your beads. Mine *bead swag patterns* are about 4 inches long.

**I started at one end, coming up from the back at one corner with the yarn. I added one set of my *bead swag patterns* Then up through the center of one cap section, through a bead then back down through the same hole. I threaded another *bead swag pattern* then down through the next corner.** Hooking some thread, I came back up in the same corner repeating from
** to **.

I finished this step by adding a big flower bead to each corner to hide the threads at the corners.

Finished Pink Side

Step VI

I added 5 inch strands of beads hanging from the back of each corner

Step VII
The Second Section

Finished Pink Side

This section supports the first section.

First cut a 2 1/2 inch square of fun foam.

I hung a 7 1/2 inch strand of beads from each corner, stitching through a bead to hold the strings in place.

The string for hanging comes from the center of this piece and is held in place by a bead from the bottom.


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