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Make Craft Foam
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Carousel with Beads

This is a fun ornament, dripping with beads. It works very well because of the stiffness of the fun/craft foam. It could be done with metal for the cross spokes (decorated appropriately) and crystal or glass beads in any colour suitable to your Christmas Tree.

Finished Ornament

Craft Supplies:

The lines on the top of this remind me of a favourite Merry-Go-Round that I used to ride on as a child.

It was important to me when I was planning this one to use a mixture of bead sizes, colours and styles. I spent time just playing with the beads to get them to look just right in my eye.

Step I

Cut 3 pieces of Fun Foam 3/4 inch by 4 inches. Mark the center of each piece and each end 1/2 inch from the end.

Cut pieces and String Beads

Step II

Bead 6 strings of matching beads. They need to match in order to balance each other. I've beaded from the top around the bottom bead and back up to the top.

You could use bead strings that are unmatched to create an asymetrical effect.

Bead one longer string for the center, I used larger beads to accent the other bead stings.

Attach Beads to Ends of Fun Foam Pieces

Step III

Thread up through the end of one of the Fun Foam pieces. I've added some beads to hold the bead strings in place. Repeat at each end of all the Fun Foam pieces.

I added beads by coming up through the back, through the bead and then back down the same hole.

I repeated the beading on both sides in different contrasting colors.

Three Finished Sections

Step IV

I've used the larger accent string to thread up through the center of all the Fun Foam pieces and then through the three beads on top and around the string loop and then back down through the beads and Fun Foam before tying off the threads.


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