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Make Fun/Craft Foam
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Fun Funky Wheel Tree Ornament

This is a cute little Fun/Craft Foam Christmas Tree Ornament decorated with Little Red Yarn Bows.

Yarn Bows Christmas Tree Ornament

Craft Supplies:


This Ornament was created with Fun Foam, a hole punch and some Red Yarn.

Drawing for Christmas Tree Shape

Here is a graph version of the Christmas Tree if you want to duplicate the shape. The red bows finish on the same side of the tree if you have an even number of holes in each line.

If I did it again I would extend the bottom of the tree a little so that there would be more green beneath the bottom line of yarn.

Green Fun Foam with holes punched

Here is the Fun Foam Christmas Tree with the rows of holes punched. I used one of the smaller holes on an adjustable hole punch. Best is to test a double strand of the yarn you are using in a test hole. You are looking for a gentle tightness. Try some test holes to see which one feels the best.

I used a long piece of red yarn and doubled it. Then I threaded the yarn through the holes starting on the top side, and finishing on the top side.

I tied the end of the two threads, to provide a more solid base for the small bow on each end. Finish by cutting excess thread from the bows.


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