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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Star Tree Ornament

These Ornaments are perfect for your first tree. You can make a whole bunch of them in a short amount of time for not too much money.

Easy Star Christmas Tree Ornaments

Craft Supplies:

Glitter Felt

I remember having a whole tree to decorate and no ornaments and not a lot of money. I solved the problem by buying a bunch of Red Ribbon and making bows. I was able to make 20 of them in about an hour.

Drawing for Star Shapes

These stars have the same benifits. I found these sheets of this sparkle material on the same rack as the fun foam at the dollar store. It doesn't totally fit in this section on Fun Foam but the quick and easy design fits. The stuff is a little like felt, but easy to cut and rigid like Fun Foam.

To make these draw a whole bunch of five line stars. I've loved these shapes ever since I learned to make them as a child. The goal is to have a bunch of stars all different from one another.

Red Bows & Tissue Paper Snowflakes

You can make a whole bunch of these Stars for $1 in no time at all. Get some friends and make a party of it. Combine them with some Ribbon Bows and Small Tissue Paper Snowflakes and your tree is decorated.

Here is one of my original Red Bows and a Silver Mylar Snowflake. To make Snowflakes go to Make Tissue Paper Snowflakes

White or Blue Bows would be wonderful as well for a different colour theme.


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