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Christmas Chain, Fun Foam & Glitter Glue

I learned to make these chains in Grade II as party decorations. We used coloured construction paper to make them. As a class we made miles of them, or so it seemed at the time.

Christmas Chain, Christmas Tree Ornaments

Craft Supplies:

For this Christmas Chain I used Fun Foam, I sheet each of Green & Red. It comes in 9" x 12" sheets, so I cut it into 18 pieces. I drew the 1" strips the length of the sheet and then cut them in half.

The real fun starts with a whole bunch of Glitter Glue. I made the Red ones using the same pattern of Gold Circles with a Green Dot and the Green Ones using Silver X's with a Red Dot.

Make sure you leave 1/2" at one end plain so you can use it to overlap for gluing.

It took overnight for the glue to dry enough for me to put the chain together.

Then I just put them together alternating the Red and Green Strips. I used a pin to hold the ends together shile the glue dried.

You can really just have fun with the Glitter Glue and draw anything you want. I love patterns so that is what I draw.


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