I love Christmas. It is the Holiday where I enjoy going to great lengths with decorations. My favourite Christmas Tree Ornaments are ones that I have made myself over many years, combined with gifts from my friends. Decorating my tree is always a very special trip down memory lane. I have been something of a Nomad, all my life so that my ornaments become a memory of people and places that are no longer in my Life.

It will be an eclectic mishmash because that is what I've always done, anything and everything that I happened to find of interest at the moment.

My mother used to hang all the Christmas Cards that she received on string in loops around the living room. I recognized very early that I would never send or receive as many cards as she did. It was a little disappointing until I had the idea of collecting my cards over a few years and hanging them all. It has turned into a wonderful way to remember friends.

I do have to warn people ahead of time that I have hung my Christmas Card Collection or they are somewhat shocked when they first visit me and see it.

Many of the Christmas Tree Ornaments below are made with one set of materials, but would work just as well with a different one. For example the Easy Fun Foam Ormanents would work just as well with felt. My real goal is to stimulate your creative juices, although I have included detailed instructions as well and even with them changing up the colours and shapes is great.


Hand Crafted Christmas Tree Ornaments


37 Cross Stitch
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Cross Stitch Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament
Cross Stitch Ornaments can be be as simple or as complicated as you wish ....

Embroidered Felt
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Felt Dove
Felt is a great fabric for Christmas Ornaments; it is so easy to finish; just cut ....

Crocheted Snowflake

Crochet Snowflake, Christmas Tree Ornament
Classic Crochet Snowflakes
are a perfect beginer project. Each one....

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ribbon Heart Embroidered, Christmas Tree Ornament
Romantic Embroidery
for those of us who like to
sit by the fire and....

La Belle Epoque inspired
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ribbon Heart Embroidered, Christmas Tree Ornament
Dangling Beads give a draped look reminisant of beaded lampshades ....

15 Fun/Craft Foam
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Fun Foam and Glittle Glue, Christmas Tree Ornament
Just start cutting out shapes,
glue them together and start
playing with the glitter glue....

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Ribbon Poinsettia
I used to make this paper braid
using Juicy Fruit Wrappers. We made some 20 feet long....

Funky, Fun
Christmas Ornaments

Fun Foam & Bead, Christmas Tree Ornaments
Creative play with
Craft Foam and Beads. These are a little different...

Christmas Flowers

Ribbon Poinsettia
This little Christmas Pointsettia is perfect for decorating
gifts or table arrangements....

Mustaphia loves
Christmas Decorations

Mustaphia Loves Christmas Decorations
especially tinsel
Here is an easy alternative for the draped tree....


More Christmas Tree Decorations




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