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Golden Bangle with Beads & Sequins

This Christmas Tree Ornament, with Beads & Sequins, was inspired by a trip through some of my picture books from La Belle Èpoque period. I did a little research on Wikipedia and Amazon I realize that I have a fairly obscure book about Leon Baxst, a Russian Costume Designer and Umberto Brunelleschi, worked in Paris and Erté who worked in Paris and the United States. They were all the most imaginative fashion/ costume designers that I have ever seen, with and taste for the exotic.

Golden Bangle with Sequins, Christmas Tree Ornament

Craft Supplies:

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I've use a light weight gold metalic fabric with a backing layer out of sheeting fabric to give it body and strength. Trace image onto tissue paper. Place the paper on the fabric and work the beading.

I've used a string of beads & sequins along a stitching line.

Create a back using the same two layers of fabric. It is your choice whether you wish to bead it to match the front. Stitch the front and back together with the right sides together leaving a 1 1/2" opening on the bottom centre of the shape. Clip the curved edges. Turn and finger press the piece flat along the edges.Slip stitch opening closed. I did try leaving the top edge open, but the opening was too small to turn the piece.

Finish using 5 strands of Looped Beaded Fringe, I like using a mixture of sizes of beads to make it more interesting, to give the string some dimension with out making it too heavy. I started attaching the beads 5/8" apart, from the centre, making sure the opposing fringes on each side look balanced.

Add a short string of beads at the top for hanging.


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